Immaculate Conception


Confirmation Class

Instruction for Confirmation will begin next Sunday, Jan.31, one half hour after end of 11 a.m. Mass. Bring registration and baptismal certificate.

Gathering After Mass

In consideration for those who wish to pray after Mass, please refrain from talking in the foyer. Move to the parish hall or outdoors. Thank you!

Appointments with Father

When scheduling appointments with Fr. Gordon, it is imperative to call the parish office to set a date and time. He is unable to accept drop-in appointments or make appointments in the hall.

Please Hold Mass Intentions

Fr. James Gordon & Fr. Terrence Gordon are unable to take Mass intentions at this time.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers needed to clean the church. To join our merry band of housekeepers call (719) 651-8135.

Fast and Abstinence (According to the Discipline of 1962)

Laws of Abstinence

  • Complete abstinence is defined as abstaining from meat &soup or gravy from meat.
  • Abstinence applies to all those over seven years old.

Laws of Fast

  • On days of fast, only one full meal is allowed, two other meatless meals are allowed in addition to the principal meal but the total quantity of food for these two small repasts should not equal the amount taken at a full meal.
  • Eating between meals is not permitted, though liquids can be taken.
  • Days of fast apply to those over 21 and under 59 years of age.
  • Laws of Fast and Abstinence are not binding on those with medical conditions or those whose ability to work would be impaired.
  • There is no obligation for fast or abstinence on a Holy Day of Obligation even though it may fall on Friday.

  • (In the new Code of Canon Law, USCCB usage, fasting and complete abstinence are limited to Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Complete abstinence is obligatory on all Fridays of Lent. Abstinence applies to those over the age of 14, fasting is obligatory for the between the ages of 18 and 59, inclusive.)

Hostess Crew Volunteers

We need volunteers to serve as hostesses for the 10:30 a.m. post-Mass brunch. If you could please help out, please contact Mrs. Jill Demian at 719-579-9439.

Seeking Additional Organists

We need more organists to help with the music. People willing to help, who can play the organ or who are decent pianists, please contact the parish office or Mr. James Sullivan.

IMPORTANT SAFEGUARD TO PURITY - Family on-line protection

The following filters are very useful against the impurity that is invading today ' s mass means of communication: These filters can be found on the following web-sites:,, and


Mr. Sullivan is always looking for new members to come and be a part of the Parish Choir. We are especially looking for more male voices be part of the choir. The minimum age requirement for the adult choir is 14 and up. If you are interested in joining the choir, please contact Mr. Sullivan.

St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish Library - Fran Rutherford, Librarian

Our parish library is now open between both Masses on each Sunday. The St. Catherine of Alexandria library has multiple copies of Father Peyton ' s Rosary Prayer Book and other books on the rosary available for checkout during the month of October which is the month of the Holy Rosary. Fr. Peyton founded the Family Rosary Crusade after World War II, and his book has been a favorite of countless thousands for inspiration in praying the family rosary. Free copies of St. Louis de Montfort ' s Secret of the Rosary are also available just for stopping in. Come by and take advantage of what your parish library has to offer.

Lost and Found Items

Parishioners please check the Lost & Found box at the entry of the church for any possible lost items that might belong to you. The box is starting to fill up!

Confraternity Newsletter

Copies of Cum Petro, the newsletter of the Confraternity of St. Peter are available in the vestibule.

Confraternity of St. Peter

The Confraternity is a society which gathers those who feel close to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter and who wish to support its charism through prayers and sacrifices. Thus the Confraternity contributes to the Service of the Church through supporting numerous vocations, the sanctification of priests and their pastoral endeavors. More information and enrollment forms are available in the vestibule or online.

Parish Clothing Exchange

Anita McCowen is coordinating the parish clothing exchange. Due to limited space, please leave only clothing and no other items. Clean, gently used clothing may be placed in one of the boxes under the table at the entrance of the church. Clothes may be chosen after Mass in the basement in the second room on the right.